Favorite Tim Burton Scenes

With the release of the relatively disappointing Dumbo, I decided to rank and list some of my favorite moments and scenes from the films of Tim Burton, a director I used to love and hope to again one day. There’s a reason why nothing from Alice In Wonderland is included here. Also, I would include all of Vincent. If you’re curious, here is a ranking of the Tim Burton films I’ve seen: https://letterboxd.com/nowplayingjim/list/tim-burton-ranked/

Corpse Bride - Remains Of The Day

Ed Wood - Meeting Orson Welles

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - Squirrels and Nuts!

Dumbo - Baby Mine (ukulele moment + closing credits)

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure - Tequila!

BeetleJuice - Dinner Party Day-O

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Opening Credit Sequence

Batman - Vicki Vale Meets The Joker

Edward Scissorhands - Making Snow

Mars Attacks - Aliens Attack Congress

The Ending Of Big Fish - Story Of My Life

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure - Large Marge!

Batman Returns - The Transformation of Cat Woman

Frankenweenie - Vampire Cat

Sweeney Todd - Shaving Contest

Ed Wood - Bela Lugosi Smells A Flower

Beetlejuice - Meeting

James Laczkowski