Tu Dors Nicole (2015)

Here is a movie captures what I'm feeling or experiencing at the right moment in time that it sweeps me away under its spell. I'm fully aware that a movie like this has been done before, and that it moves at a snail's pace. But I was enveloped by it right after a hard day of work at a thrift store, which, after you see this, you'll know why there's a correlation. So far in 2015, I've seen two other movies besides this one that have moved me in a way that left me breathless and awe-struck. Movies like these affirm my love of watching movies, for the empathic experience of course, but to realize that I'm not alone in what I go through on a day to day basis. I would say that this best captures what it's like to graduate college, live at home, not know what to do next, and desperately seek connections even when you know they are going to fail or never become fully realized.

TU DORS NICOLE is a moody summer mood piece with the best B&W cinematography I've seen in awhile. There's an eerieness to suburbia that's fully realized in a way that reminded me of IT FOLLOWS, one of the other three movies that blew me away this year. This almost plays like a less energetic version of something like FRANCES HA, and maybe because I relate to the calmer, slower side of life, this is even more of a jam for me. The lead actress captured my heart since it's an unassuming but assured performance that doesn't make depression-induced insomnia seem lifeless, but strangely necessary in emotional growth as a person.

The opening shot coincides with the final shot that moved me to no end. Since I know what it's like to be the person in the opening scene and identifying with the person at the end who simply wants peace of mind. I immediately want to watch the other two movies this director has done, although I can't imagine them being as profoundly special as TU DORS NICOLE was for me personally. It might end up becoming a case where most folks like it and don't have an emotional response the way I did, but I am so grateful movies like these exist. I feel less crazy, and more open to the world because of them. Don't be surprised now that I become devoted to seeing every movie the lead actress is in, and of course, whatever this director decides to do from this point forward. If you live near a theater where this movie is showing, I demand that you see it. If you love it, let's be friends!   A

James Laczkowski