Rebels of the Neon God (1992)


Oblivious immaturity at its most resonant. The arcade break-in is a brilliant reversal of fortune and that’s just one of many instances where I was in awe of the journey taking place. There are similar moments here I’ve never seen executed this poignantly, such as the pay date where we witness inaction and disassociation at its most identifiable. Neon signs, lights, video game displays, movie posters, Street Fighter II — with the inevitable effect being that people themselves seem hopelessly boxed in by their own environment. And being too carefree as a young adult can lead to repercussions, some of which are internalized long into the future.

Disaffection and ennui are powerful motivators toward isolation. This is a remarkable experience that examines the connections and disparities that our messy emotions can lead us into. Then it is left open-ended as to where its characters will end up and how withdrawn they’ll continue to be.

James Laczkowski