NPN Podcast Sampler Episode

Merry New Year and Happy Christmas to all.  What I have prepared for you is a gift that I will call the "Royal Sampler Volume One."  It contains short clips from all the podcasts featured at The Now Playing Network, as well as extended highlights from Supporting Characters & Director's Club from over the years.  You also get a brief glimpse into some of my interviewing skills with various guests over the years.  There's also some kind of unusual collage towards the end.  This is a special episode, highlighting the talented folks of NPN for the first half, and then highlighting some of the better moments from the recent wave of Director's Club episodes.  The next episode will likely be released on January 9th, which will be The Best of 2016 featuring Bill Ackerman and Zach Betonte.  This means you have until January 7th to get your top ten lists in so I can read some during our recording!

Thank you again for listening to this pinata of audio treats that will hopefully get you through your commute home for Christmas.  See you next year and stay tuned for some exciting changes to come!    Please feel free to be generous and donate what you can to support the network here:

00:00 – 07:24 – Introduction
07:25 – 12:48 – Vinyl Emergency Excerpt
12:49 – 19:50 – Fresh Perspective Excerpt
19:51 – 26:27 -  Movie Madness Excerpt
26:28 – 33:23 - Tracks of The Damned Excerpt
33:24 – 01:44:00 - Supporting Characters Highlight Reel
01:44:01 – 01:54:50 - Director’s Club Highlight Reel Part One
01:54:51 – 02:16:53 - Interview Excerpts with Stephen Tobolowsky, Keith Gordon, Allan Moyle, John McNaughton, Rachel Grimes, Karrie Hopper
02:16:54 – 02:32:21 - Director’s Club Recent Guest Highlights
02:32:22 – 02:50:32 - ???

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