Cinepocalypse 2017 Coverage


Heads up everyone!  Although Patrick and I no longer host Director's Club or a podcast together, we're collaborating through our love of film and genre films in an exciting new way.  Thanks to the kind folks at the Music Box as well as festival founder Josh Goldbloom, Patrick and I are going to be reviewing many films from Cinepocalpyse (formerly The Bruce Campbell Film Festival).  I attended the event a couple years back when Bruce was in town for Flashback Weekend and Wizard World and had the pleasure of seeing some world premieres of new horror films presented by Bruce himself.   With him being such a busy man these days, the show absolutely should go on and this year, the week-long festival is branching out even further with a programming of short films, lifetime achievement awards, and some restoration screenings of classics to see on the big screen.  This event will be the Midwest’s largest gathering of genre films and fans, and the festival’s organizers are proud to feature dozens of new features and premieres, along with repertory and secret screenings. 

Even more exciting to report is that I will have the pleasure of talking with the legendary Larry Cohen in person for an interview before the Chicago premiere of the delightful documentary, KING COHEN.   Patrick will be on-hand to cover a wide range of films that I may not get a chance to see (due to the upcoming grand opening of the school where I teach).   There's a lot to get excited about so stay tuned for our latest coverage, reviews, and more both here at the website along with a report from yours truly on WGN Radio sometime next week!  And here's where you can find me at about 6:45pm on Saturday, November 4th for what I'm sure will be a memorable screening about one of our most beloved directors.  Stay tuned for a slew of reviews to come from us right here at V&V.


King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen




Indie film legend Larry Cohen has directed cult classics like THE STUFF and IT'S ALIVE. Hollywood screenwriter Larry Cohen delivered enjoyable “high concept” matinees like BEST SELLER and PHONE BOOTH.  And those are just the tip of the iceberg.  Fans of genre filmmaking will savor every minute of this documentary as it covers Mr. Cohen’s highly impressive career — and newcomers will simply dig the classy old guy’s attitude.  Think of it as DEPALMA with more talking heads and fascinating stories behind the making of some very unconventional movies.  

Larry Cohen is the sort of filmmaker who creates movie geeks. Upon discovering THE STUFF, you’re immediately tempted to see all of the director’s other movies.  I know I certainly did back in the day, and covering Cohen on Director's Club was a tremendous highlight and remains one of my favorite episodes.  Between his directorial work and his (non-stop) screenplays, it’s safe to say you’ve seen and loved a few Larry Cohen movies without even knowing it. And this year, he’s here to hang out with the audience at Cinepocalypse and talk with us live.  Obviously, there are a ton of great movies and reasons to come November 2nd - 9th, but this is a huge highlight without a doubt.