CCFF 2019: A Dream Lineup


THE 7th Annual Chicago Critics Film Festival

Like previous years, the CFCA has put together yet another very strong group of films, many of which have taken home awards and nominations from other film festivals such as SXSW and Sundance. A select group of critics handpicks several titles that are guaranteed to peak your curiosity based on cast, director, or premise. I’ve been going to this festival since the very beginning and plan to continue this yearly tradition due to the incredible experience I always have there at The Music Box Theatre. I do like supporting friends and colleagues when I’m not busy doing 100 other things.

Collin Souter always puts together a terrific short film collection that I highly recommend which is playing Saturday. There will be many enveloping dramas, insightful documentaries, creepy midnight features and so much more on the docket. Instead of recounting what I’m looking forward to, which is pretty much everything on the schedule, I’ll include a link to the Music Box as well as the CFCA website that I try my best to maintain and update. Please try to attend if you’re in the Chicagoland area and I’ll definitely see you on Saturday + Sunday for several showings I am dying to see. Hopefully a few reviews will be available as a result of my attendance. If not, I am fairly certain I will have a tremendous time as always! Huge thanks to CFCA members such as Brian Tallerico, Steve Prokopy, Peter Sobczynski, Erik Childress, for their continued hard work. Schedule / passes below!

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James Laczkowski