Jim Laczkowski proudly presents Voices & Visions, a home for his creative endeavors featuring musicians, filmmakers, writers, activists, and friends. Jim hosts (or co-hosts) many podcasts, reviews movies -- recently released in theaters and sent to him from distributors -- and he composes music.  In addition, this is also the home for Jim's writing, both in film coverage forms as well as creative works (under the banner 'thoughts'). You can support the site by providing a monthly donation via Patreon which helps the host and some non-for-profits!  Most importantly, check out his latest endeavor to help the victims of Hurricane Maria by visiting the Projects page.


The show used to be known as Pop Culture Club.  Here is where you can access episodes from the past and present.


This is the archive where you can find other podcast and radio spots that Jim has appeared on both past and present.


He has released a compilation of songs by musicians to assist those in Puerto Rico as well as compiled other tribute records.