Episode 67: Yoni Wolf (Why?)


I’ve had a lot of special guests that I consider to be personal heroes on this show before, and today’s is no exception. Yoni Wolf, frontman for the excellent band Why?, as well as the host of The Wandering Wolf podcast was kind enough to talk with me for a half hour before sound check. He is currently back on the road for the Alopecia 10th anniversary tour, playing that amazing record in its entirety. It remains a personal favorite of mine along with so many songs particularly “The Blackest Purse, Gemini (Birthday Song), Rubber Traits, Yo Yo Bye Bye,” and many more. I try to relay my enthusiasm as usual, but also get some insights to the man behind the curtain.

Yoni’s songs have meant a lot to me over the years and hopefully this conversation will inspire you to check out his work, support the band while on tour, as well as learn more about how a touring songwriter manages to thrive and survive. Topics include social media cancer, maintaining one’s health, work/life balance and a whole lot more. Again, I can’t say enough good things about the majority of the Why? discography, in addition to the other two bands that are supporting the tour: The Ophelias and Lala Lala. Check them all out, buy their records and maybe go see a show. Huge thanks to publicist Brent and of course, Yoni himself for taking some time to talk in the backstage green room.

Songs featured:

“Fatalist Palmistry”
“Song Of The Sad Assassin”

“The Blackest Purse” (briefly)

“Gemini (birthday song)”


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James Laczkowski