Episode 32: Stephen Tobolowsky

One of the very first interviews I did in podcast form was with the guest of this enlightening episode.  We first spoke after the passing of Harold Ramis and now years later, we catch up and discuss his latest accomplishment in book form! Stephen Tobolowsky is a face you'll never forget, since he's been in over 100 movies not to mention TV shows and plays.  You'll recognize him from such films as GROUNDHOG DAY, SNEAKERS, MISSISSIPPI BURNING, and a personal favorite of mine MEMENTO.  He's also a podcasting storyteller of the highest caliber as well as the author of THE DANGEROUS ANIMALS CLUB and his most recent opus, MY ADVENTURES WITH GOD, which we talk about during the course of this splendid conversation with someone that I think is the epitome of a great guest.  Heck, he's a great human being in general, and I think you'll feel similarly after hearing us talk about everything from "good intentions" to "existential moments" to "near-death experiences" and much much more!  

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James Laczkowski