Episode 54: Steven T. Hanley


Steven T. Hanley is an entertainment journalist, takes photographs, and curates films at Moth Club, Hackney. His work has appeared in Vice, The Quietus, Little White Lies, Huck, The Fanzine and Clash Magazine. He's been a movie fanatic since childhood, contacted me as a result of hearing Director's Club, and has a lot of passionate opinions surrounding the world of pop culture.  We talk about his experiences as an interviewer, such as talking to a few heroes like Marc Maron, Bret Easton Ellis and a personal favorite of mine, Max Richter.  We had a lively conversation despite the fact that I was feeling quite under the weather, and if you're a movie fan in particular, I think you'll enjoy listening to what we discussed.  Thanks again to Steven for joining me for this episode!

Check out Steven's Published Works here:

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