Episode 73: Samantha Mathis

Today's guest is one of the reasons why I fell in love with movies and started working on solving the mysteries behind my own mental health. As many of you know, PUMP UP THE VOLUME had a monumental impact on me and shed some light on the depression I experienced as a teenager. Seeing it gave me hope, and a couple years ago, I was lucky enough to express my gratitude to the writer/director Allan Moyle. Samantha Mathis played Nora in that film, but her entire catalog of performances throughout the years is beyond impressive. And boy, does she share some great stories.

She's worked with a wide array of talented actors, writers, and directors too numerous to list here. We did our very best to cover as much as we could including THE THING CALLED LOVE, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, BROKEN ARROW, AMERICAN PSYCHO, and so much more. She's also appeared on several TV shows including LOST, THE STRAIN, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and you can soon see her as Sara Hammon in the latest season of BILLIONS starting in March. I can't say enough good things about this interview and her wonderful insights, experiences, and passions that she was kind enough to share. Thank you so much to Samantha, and much gratitude to you for listening. Talk hard!

00:00 - 09:43 - Introduction
09:44 - 1:03:15 - Interview

James Laczkowski