Episode 39: Patrick Ripoll

Today's guest and I go way back, perhaps a whole decade at this point!  In fact, we did a bonus episode for Director's Club a couple years ago music that had a lot sound clips and digressions.  This time I decided to just focus on the conversation, bypassing the usual song and sound clips until the very end. One of my smartest and more talented friends joins me to focus mainly on songwriting, music, and the art of self-expression. 

Patrick Ripoll performs and records under his own name and after hearing some of his more recent songs, I became instantly excited to have a conversation about the past, present, and future.  We do touch upon his solo podcasting endeavor, Tracks of the Damned, social media, hip-hop and how we differ in our approach to creating art.  Also, stay tuned until the very end where I put together a weird sound collage inspired by the latest episode of Twin Peaks (yes that episode where it used classical music in an unforgettable, 2001-esque manner).  Thanks so much for listening and be sure to support Patrick's endeavors linked below.

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