Episode 58: 1998 - The Year In Music (w/Dan Solomon)


It's been... one year since we did this.  Every year, I do a retrospective going back either 30 years for movies and 20 years for music.  Earlier in February, I had two friends on to discuss our favorite 1988 movies.  This time it's all about records from 1998. A lot of it does stem from my nostalgic tendencies, but it’s also to deconstruct my two favorite art forms to see what holds up, what doesn’t, and how pop culture has changed over a span of a couple decades.  It’s also a chance for you to see where my taste lies, for better or worse, as well as to get to know a close friend of mine.

He’s joined me for the past couple of years on Pop Culture Club (which is what this show was called in its inception) and once again, Austin-based journalist Dan Solomon is back to discuss our favorite records from 1998.  We also share memories, talk about the year in general, and have some laughs.  Included are several song clips and hopefully a surprise or two along the way! Thanks as always to Dan for joining me on this adventure through time and space and memory.  This was definitely our best year in review yet when it comes to the favorites we chose and the overall conversation as well.  Hopefully, you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording this yearly tradition!  See you next year for our 1999 year in review.


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James Laczkowski