Episode 60: Lea Thompson


As many of you know, the film BACK TO THE FUTURE is responsible for turning me into a film fanatic at the age of 7.  It was also the first movie that my dad and I equally adored and rewatched countless times. Aside from the fact that today's guest is a gifted actress that starred in the BTTF trilogy, among many other classics, the great Lea Thompson has just directed her first feature film entitled THE YEAR OF SPECTACULAR MEN!  Written by and starring her daughter Madelyn Deutch, it's a very personal story about being in your 20s and searching for direction as a young woman. 

It's also a great story about family and sibling connection since the extremely talented Zoey Deutch is also in the film, who happens to be Lea's other daughter!  We talk a lot about family, women in the industry, the inception of the film and much more.  It was truly a delightful discussion and I am honored to have talked to someone whose work I have cherished for three decades and counting.  During the introduction, I get a bit "heavy" and personal as well in regards to #MeToo and other topics that have struck me as of late.


00:00 - 15:34 - Introduction
15:35 - 31:57 - Interview with Lea
31:58 - 32:42 - Outro

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