Episode 28: Stephen Kijak, Nathan Williams, Tyler Ritter

Three great guests join me once again much like an earlier episode of Pop Culture Club.  Two independent filmmakers and an experimental musician talk with me about their latest work, their creative process, and much more!  First up:  Stephen Kijak is known mainly for his work as a music documentarian, covering a wide range of artists and genres.  WE ARE X is a 2016 British documentary film about the Japanese heavy metal band X Japan and its co-founder, drummer, pianist and leader Yoshiki. The film premiered on January 23, 2016, at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival to much acclaim and we have some interesting behind-the-scenes stories from Kijak.

Secondly, Nathan Williams makes a standout debut film called IF THERE IS A HELL BELOW, a minimalist chase picture that takes the Edward Snowden story and mixes it with a little bit of Coen Brothers noir.  We talk about all things cinema, including influences, 70s political thrillers, and the inspiration behind this compelling tale which mainly focuses on only two characters for much of its running time.

Last but not least, Tyler Ritter performs under the moniker Shalloboi and has done so for over a decade.  Originating from Kansas City, I first met Tyler through a mutual friend and past guest, and our love of ambient, noise and drone-based meditative experimentation brought us together to play both house shows and dive bars.  I learn a lot about how Tyler became to be the very talented artist that he is today.  The new record is available here.  All in all, three great interviews for about 100 minutes to tide you over until the new year comes around!

James Laczkowski