Episode 27: Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo)

Welcome to Voices and Visions, formerly Pop Culture Club.  Confused?  Well, there’s an introduction to help assist you.  As you may or may not know, PCC is now V&V, and this is the first official episode under the new name.  After my 8-minute monologue at the top, I am pleased to present another wonderful singer/songwriter by the name of Kay Hanley.  If you’ve heard of the band Letters to Cleo, she is the incredibly energetic frontwoman and has always been a true blue rock star in my eyes.  For movie fans, you’ll also know her as the singing voice of Josie in the hysterical satire JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS with Rachael Lee Cook, Parker Posey, and Alan Cumming. 

In addition, Kay is a songwriter for hire and has recently released a new EP with Letters to Cleo. I had the pleasure of meeting with her at the VIP show in Chicago and a couple months later, we reconnected over the phone to have a delightful conversation about her career, loss, inspiration, working in film, and what we can potentially expect from Letters to Cleo in the future.  I truly hope you enjoy this episode since this is precisely the kind of show I will be offering as of 2017 on what I hope to be a weekly basis.  Thank you so much to Nicole Poulos, Michael Creamer, and of course, my great guest Kay Hanley!  My conversation with her begins right around the 8 minute mark.

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James Laczkowski