Episode 63: Fear + Self-Loathing (or) Jim's Jim


Hi everyone. Jim here. Returning for a very personal 40-minute outpouring of emotion about how hard things have been regarding depression + anxiety, some recent realizations, and slowly being able to reach out with honesty.  It might be a bit long-winded and indulgent, but I wanted to share my truest thoughts and feelings as of late, as I've struggled more than usual but trying to find light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.  A tunnel I've been stuck in most of my life.  Hope you get something out of this and do feel free to reach out with support, questions or suggestions:  voices.visions.jim@gmail.com

Traditional V+V interview episodes will be forthcoming very soon, and I'm excited to keep this show going with a more consistent schedule.  All the best to you and thank you so much for listening to this monologue.  Special pop-culture shout-outs to the film MADELINE'S MADELINE and songwriter Julien Baker.

James Laczkowski