Episode 57: I Turn 40 Years Old


Well, I can't believe, This is 40?  One day in and I can already say that it's nothing like that overlong Judd Apatow movie.  While waiting for my midlife crisis to commence, I invited my old compadre over to the recording studio for a conversation in the tradition of our old-school bonus episodes!  This time, we even play a round of Score Bits, inspired by the one and only Film Junk Podcast.  At the top, you'll hear me introduce this joyful birthday present, bookended by songs from my favorite band, The New Pornographers. 

First up, we catch you all up on how things have been for the two of us, then we review two movies that we assigned to one another.  Patrick assigned MANJI for me and I assigned one of my all-time favorites, TAKE SHELTER.  After that, Score Bits begins after a brief intermission and that is definitely a highlight for the both of us.  We challenge our sense memory, musical knowledge, and more with this wild take on "Name That Tune" revised as "Name That Movie!"  As a birthday present for one of the main reasons for the inception of this podcast, please give it a listen and enjoy the rambling digressions you came to know and love back in the day.  Brad and Al will return in a week or so with a traditional episode of course!  Thank you again to everybody for supporting me over the years and for subscribing to Director's Club & Voices + Visions!

00:00 - 04:20 - Introduction
04:21 - 04:59 - "Sing Me Spanish Techno" - New Pornographers
05:01 - 12:42 - Introduction With Patrick & Jim
12:43 - 01:11:19 - Reviews of MANJI + TAKE SHELTER
01:11:20 - 02:15:19 - Score Bits!
02:15:20 - 02:24:06 - Outro
02:24:07 - 02:25:03 - "Bleeding Heart Show" - New Pornographers


James Laczkowski