Episode 79: Aisling Franciosi

After a ten-minute preamble ramble, Voices + Visions returns with another wonderful interview with a truly extraordinary talent. Aisling Franciosi is an Irish-Italian actor, known for The Fall, Game of Thrones and the latest film from Jennifer Kent, who previously gave us The Babadook.

The Nightingale is definitely a film I will watch again by the end of the year since I wasn't prepared for the impact it had on me the first time. During the interview with Aisling, I expressed a lot surrounding some of the violence portrayed on screen. She talks about preparing for that level of intensity, creating a strong dynamic with co-star Baykali Ganambarr, and what she hopes audiences will get out of seeing this remarkable performance in what will be one of the year's most-talked about films. 

00:00 - 10:59 - Introduction
11:00 - 27:00 - Interview With Aisling


James Laczkowski