Episode 64: Bill Mohler (Family Video)

Once upon a time in the mid-90s, I worked for a video store chain in Northwest Indiana. A couple years in to my time as a customer service clerk at Box Office Video, a new chain opened up down the road called Family Video.  Despite being able to rent movies for free, every now and again, I ventured down to the competition and really enjoyed the experience of renting from them. 

Cut to many years later in the age of streaming, Netflix, and RedBox, and that same video store chain, Family Video, is alive and kicking.  Inspired by a recent article by Matt Fagerholm, I was able to correspond and interview the Regional Vice President of Family Video.  Bill Mohler joins me today for a half hour to talk about the history of the video store, how Family Video has managed to stay open all these years, and their upcoming 40th anniversary celebration!

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James Laczkowski