Episode 61: Matthew Ross + Johnny Kervorkian / Jack Tarling


Catching up here with a couple of really great conversations I had with two independent filmmakers as well as a producer!  Director Matthew Ross worked with actors like Michael Shannon on FRANK & LOLA previously, which captured the attention of Keanu Reeves who saught him out to work on a script by A SIMPLE PLAN's Scott Smith entitled SIBERIA.  It's part thriller, part diamond heist story, mostly character study highlighted by an understated Reeves performance and a memorable setting.  I talked with Matthew about what it's like working with Keanu Reeves, Scott Smith's screenplay, as well as some of the hurdles of the filmmaking process. 

Immediately after, you'll hear some Cinepocalypse coverage since I was able to snag an interview with director Johnny Kervorkian as well as producer Jack Tarling about their terrific Christmas sci-fi horror tale AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS, which has been compared to both Black Mirror & THE THING.  You'll be surprised to discover the source of inspiration for the story (courtesy of The National) as well as many other great anecdotes from the British team.  SIBERIA will be out soon and hopefully AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS will find distribution within the year too!   Thank you to all three of my guests and for listening.  Even if you're not familiar with the names, the interviews were great and I truly hope you'll support the work of these fine independent filmmakers.


00:00 - 08:08 - Introduction
08:09 - 27:34 - Interview w/Matthew Ross
27:35 - 42:47 - Interview w/Johnny + Jack
42:48 - 43:46 - Outro

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