Episode 38: Olivia Lilley

So excited for this week's episode since a form of artistic expression that I have rarely covered before is discussed at length with a tremendously talented writer / director by the name of Olivia Lilley.  Olivia Lilley is a Chicago based writer / director of scripted & devised performance. She is the founding Artistic Director of The Runaways Lab Theatre and has created 9 original shows since moving to Chicago in November of 2012. Some of the highlights include The Portrait of Dorian Gray, THAT's what makes her an icon, Friedrich Schiller Writes The Robbers, Faust (Save me or I'll Die), and The Party House. Olivia has had work developed with Kids Terribles, Playwrights At The Grand, RhinoFest, and Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. She is also a 2017 recipient of the Pivot Arts Residency partnership with Loyola with a wide variety of stories and insights to share!  I learned a lot and became excited all over again for theater, and I have no doubt that you will be too!

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