Episode 47: Dr. Katrina Sifferd

Attending Elmhurst College was one of the great experiences of my lifetime.  Before going there, I felt intellectually inferior having mainly been a C & D student in high school and struggled initially in the world of academia.  I wound up going to three colleges, Purdue University, Columbia College and finally Elmhurst, which gave me the learning experience I never knew I truly craved.  Professors like my guest today are a huge reason why I have a degree and treated education with integrity and passion, the way I have with the creative arts.  I became instantly enraptured with psychology and philosophy thanks to some truly inspirational figures, some of which I know I will be interviewing in the future.

The first of those inspirational figures is Dr. Katrina Sifferd, who holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of London, King’s College. After finishing her PhD, Katrina held a post-doctoral position as Rockefeller Fellow in Law and Public Policy and Visiting Professor at Dartmouth College. Before becoming a philosopher, Katrina earned a Juris Doctorate and worked as a senior research analyst on criminal justice projects for the U.S. National Institute of Justice. Katrina is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on responsibility, criminal law, reductionism, neuroethics and more.  Taking her class along with another incredible mind, courtesy of Dr. Patrick Ackles, was one of the more memorable moments at Elmhurst.  For this episode, I had the immense pleasure of catching up with her, learning about her past, present and future.  We bring up some thought-provoking content, not unlike some of the issues tackled in some of her many classes.  I also learn a little bit more about being an educator during these tumultuous times as well as learn about her upcoming book currently in the works.

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James Laczkowski