Episode 30: Collin Souter & A Woody Allen Retrospective

Woody Allen has made over fifty films and there are 52 weeks in a year.  So RogerEbert.com's Collin Souter - filmmaker, friend and film critic - took it upon himself to watch one Woody Allen movie each week throughout the entire year of 2016.  It brought a lot of interesting insights and he even wrote a journal as the marathon went along.  This special episode of Voices and Visions is all about the love of cinema, the work of Woody Allen, mainly filtered through the perspective of a great critic and conversationalist. 

We spent over 2 hours talking about the entire filmography of Woody Allen, starting with his first film all the way to the last.  Obviously, some titles are covered longer than others, but I think you'll enjoy this enjoyable discussion about a divisive figure in American Cinema.  Towards the tail-end of the conversation, we also reveal our Top 15 Favorite Woody Allen Films!

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Thanks as always for listening, and stay tuned for a new podcast endeavor featuring hour-long conversations with my friend Patrick.  Also be sure to check out the new version of Director's Club, hosted by great new hosts, Brad & Al.

James Laczkowski