Episode 71: Dreaming Of A Weird Christmas

Before an official new interview episode arrives next week, I wanted to gift a Christmas treat for the listeners. I love Christmas music and always love finding hidden treasures out there. Back in the days of the 365 Day Project presented by WFMU, I did my fair share of sharing the truly bizarre thrift store finds from various sources. Everything from weird commercials, cassette tape recordings, and anything that people uncovered that were considered lost then found. Well, there are definitely a few obvious picks from the Christmas catalog that the Internet has to offer included here, but a few that you've probably never heard before. This was inspired by what friend and podcaster Patrick Ripoll did with Halloween and the great Andy Cirzan. 44 minutes worth of musical madness.

Some songs are presented in their entirety, while most are just random snippets. It was done rather spontaneously without cataloging each individual track included. It's meant to be listened to as a whole weird collage. You'll find the brief delights of "Honky The Christmas Goose" first, but then there are some deep dives included two songs created by a former student along with my own song "Christmas Is Ridiculous." Along the way there's a wide array, before concluding with an eels song that I enjoy hearing every year (or does it end there?). There's even a brief interlude courtesy of SCTV. If you want to have some laughs and discover some very strange diamonds in the rough, feast your ears on this mix and thank you for supporting the podcast and the network! Be sure to check out Collin Souter + Kerry Finegan’s wonderful new podcast, Christmas Movies Actually too!

Merry Christmas to all.

James Laczkowski