Episode 70: Bridey Elliott


With the busy holiday madness and awards season voting taking place, it's been hard to schedule an interview in the midst of it all. But I made an effort to make sure I could speak with today's delightful guest: an extremely talented young filmmaker named Bridey Elliott. You may have heard of her sister, Abby Elliott, or have had the pleasure of growing up watching her dad, Chris Elliott, like I did. Bridey's feature-length debut, CLARA'S GHOST, opens on VOD today on December 7th, and I highly recommend giving it your time especially if you too have a wacky family.

It's darkly comedic with a dash of the supernatural but showcases a real love for this gifted group of performers. Bridey cites some very cool influences during our conversation, two titles in particular that made me light up like a Christmas tree. In addition, we talk about crafting a character like Clara, working with the family in a familiar setting, the delights of Haley Joel Osment as an adult, and other topics of discussion. Listen to the interview and then be sure to check out her excellent dinner party ensemble piece now available in theaters and/or streaming!

00:00 - 11:10 - Introduction
11:11 - 30:20 - Interview w/Bridey Elliott

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James Laczkowski