Episode 55: Brad Silberling


Yes it has been awhile but being a full-time teacher has become my passion.  It has been a very long time, but an interview came along that I didn't want to pass up.  Brad Silberling is best known for some of his very personal albeit mainstream fare like CITY OF ANGELS or MOONLIGHT MILE.  But he's made a couple of children's films as well as independent features where the emphasis is on character and performance.

Brad's latest is more the latter, a subdued and intimate character study featuring the legendary Ben Kingsley. AN ORDINARY MAN is now available on-demand and streaming everywhere, and it's definitely worth a look.  Brad shares some stories of his past work as well as what it took for him to return after a very long hiatus (sounds familiar).  Hope you enjoy this brief but insightful discussion with another true talent whose career I've enjoyed since the start!

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00:00 - 10:00 - Intro
10:01 - 10:43 - City Of Angels Score Excerpt
10:44 - 25:02 - Interview with Brad Silberling
25:03 - 25:47 - Outro

James Laczkowski