Episode 50: Ben Nissen


"NOWHERE MIND is a feature length speculative fiction thriller that rests along the intersection between what we currently understand about the brain and the mysteries of consciousness. The film follows Ivan, a troubled student who has recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is desperate to escape his illness, but traditional methods of treatment only seem to make things worse. He begins studying the ideas of a fringe philosopher who teaches that experimental meditation might allow one to escape the physical trappings of the body."

My guest for Episode 50 is an excellent conversationalist about the art of filmmaking. Ben Nissen is a Columbia College graduate with a day job that managed to spend his free time creating a unique character study / psychological thriller that explores mental instability and the search for a higher consciousness.  These happen to be topics I'm always fascinated by, so I contributed to the IndieGoGo campaign for the now-completed film NOWHERE MIND, which we discuss at length (no spoilers though of course). 

I learn a lot about indie filmmaking as well as discuss some inspirations, the film school experience, editing in Final Cut Pro, as well as Ben's plans for the future.  Really honored to present this talk to close out the first 50 episodes of a show I could not be happier with.  The intro is truncated since I went on longer during Episode 49 about future plans, so feel to go back and check out that episode as well as all the others that came before it.  See you in about six weeks when V&V returns!  Thank you so much for the support and thanks again to Ben for a lively discussion about his excellent debut feature.  Looking forward to coming back in late October / early November!

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