April 1st Podcast Episodes

The trilogy of April 1st podcasts is now complete. Highly unlikely there will be more in the future. Here are the three that I was happy enough to participate in over the past several years in chronological order.


Coleman Francis (feat. “Manx”):


Hey all, Patrick here. This episode originally came out on April 1st. Jim normally does these show write-ups but this time around he insisted that I do it, saying (and I quote) “I don’t want to hear another fucking word about Coleman Francis ever again.” The reason why will soon become apparent as you listen to this episode about the man himself. We were lucky (no, blessed), to have prestigious professor of film and author of the upcoming book “The Franciscan: The Beast Of The Hollywood System" Manx (yes, that’s his whole name) with us in person to discuss the history and films of Coleman Francis, one of the greatest and most underrated filmmakers in American history.


Aaron Sorkin:


After a few changes in format and roster, Director's Club has finally settled on a new format. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Aaron Sorkin is joining the network!  His first contribution is to Director's Club for all of you to hear today, and I could not be more excited about the changes he's made. Not only is Mr. Sorkin a part of the team, but he even asked former co-host Patrick Ripoll and a couple other previous guests, to come back for the first episode under our new format. We talk about director David Lean and so much more. More to say during the introduction but thank you to all for listening and for your support. It's going to be a much better show from here on out!


Paul McCartney:


Released on April 1st, 2019, this special edition of Visions and Voices features your host interviewing the only, the one Weird Paul McCartney. Yes, the man behind The Beatles and Wings and Paul McCartney is here to talk for about 15 minutes thanks to his wonderful publicist. So much gratitude to Paul, the publicist, and all the fans of this show and The Beatles. Have a great day and thank you for listening!

James Laczkowski