Episode 37: Zoe Lister-Jones & Avi Nesher

Starting out this short but sweet episode is a quick audio review of the latest film from Ken Loach called I DANIEL BLAKE, which I happily viewed via online screener and very much recommend.  Then I had the pleasure of talking with two very talented filmmakers that have recently released independent films worth seeking out. And both of them involve music!

First up, Zoe Lister-Jones' feature film debut is BAND AID, a refreshingly authentic portrayal of relationship dynamics and marital strife.  It's essentially a 90-minute indie pop rock song, fueled by Jones' personal experience as well as a love of music, for the couple portrayed in the film work out their issues together by forming a band and writing songs.  I thought this film was remarkably entertaining, smart, and surprisingly moving as it goes along.  Plus you've got co-star Fred Armisen on drums!

Secondly, I often freelance for Troy Anderson of Andersonvision.com, who set me up with an interview of the director of PAST LIFE.  Avi Nesher joins me to talk about his latest work -- a true story stemming from personal experiences in Israel that cut to the core of both the micro and the macro.  Featuring classical musicians who strive for more in life, this is a truly compelling drama surrounding another relationship, this time between two sisters who uncover family secrets from the past that they each have to confront. 

All three films covered in this episode I recommend seeking out immediately and hope you enjoy the conversations I was grateful to have with Zoe and Avi!

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James Laczkowski