Episode 21: Joshua Marston & Matt Johnson

RECORDED AS POP CULTURE CLUB:  Welcome to an exciting edition of Pop Culture Club, in which I interview two filmmakers whose past and present work I've rather enjoyed quite a bit.  Matt Johnson is a sprightly young Canadian working in mainly a mockumentary framework for both of his wide-eyed tales of potentially misguided ambition. His latest, OPERATION AVALANCHE, is not unlike his first film only this time we are in a different era with similar characters. Recruited by the CIA in 1967, young filmmakers shoot footage of a fake moon landing after learning that NASA is losing the space race to the Russians. I had the tremendous opportunity to talk with Matt about this incredibly entertaining new film.

In addition, I also welcome Joshua Marston to the show, who had a huge hit back in 2004 with MARIA FULL OF GRACE. His latest recruits two of my favorite actors working today, Rachel Weisz and Michael Shannon, in a gradually paced story about identity and building a personal narrative.  COMPLETE UNKNOWN is a bit of a mystery wrapped in a tender story about love past and present. I was honored to learn more about Joshua's process that also made me appreciate the film a little bit more in terms of themes and context.

Stay tuned for some more great episodes of Pop Culture Club to come, including talks with a director whose film changed my life and a musician whose work continues to inspire me!  




James Laczkowski