Episode 20: Art Mayes (Midian, Noon Blue Apples)

RECORDED AS POP CULTURE CLUB:  Back in 1994, I met someone that I hadn't anticipate would become a lifelong friend and collaborator.  Together, along with drummer Nathan Bohanan, we formed a band named Midian.  Our influences were all over the place, as you'll hear, but the focus of the conversation is lead singer/songwriter Art Mayes.  Art has gone through a few monikers, including college band Noon Blue Apples and then as a solo artist.  There's no denying his immense talent and vivacious spirit.  We sit down over a couple of beers and had a "spontaneous" conversation about our past together, how Art found solace in music, and what happened after Midian broke up. Sooner than later, we will collaborate again, but in the meantime, feel free to listen to this intimate conversation between two friends who definitely experienced a lot of joy and a modicum of tension back in the mid-90s.  Eventually, a collection of Art's music will be released including some of the songs you'll hear sprinkled throughout this episode.

Songs Featured Include:
"When The Road Blurs"
"Came Down"
"Dyed Black"
"She Marks Me"
"Pretend She Said"
"A Greater Country"
"All The Mornings Of The World"

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James Laczkowski