Episode 31: The Year In Review - 1987 Movies


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You can follow the list from 1987 that we cover linked above.  Nothing's gonna stop us now!  Ladies and gentlemen, let's go back thirty years to when three film critics fell in love with going to the movies.  The mid-80s informed a lot of my taste, and much like previous years' retrospectives, it's always a blast to go back and see what holds up and what we each consider to be personal favorites from a particular year.  RogerEbert.com's very own Erik Childress and Collin Souter return for what is officially a yearly tradition that started thanks to original podcast creator Jim Laczkowski (that's me).  We started with 1985 two years ago, and plan to do this all the way up until 1999 as a bonus excursion for reflection, nostalgia, and to celebrate those 80s and 90s kids that adored film as much as we did.

We go through the entire year chronologically covering titles that range from THE STEPFATHER to SPACEBALLS and everything in between (LA BAMBA, BROADCAST NEWS, WALL STREET, THE GATE and so much more).  Yes, some big titles come up, but have no fear, we talk OVER THE TOP and ISHTAR too.  Some debates come up mainly revolving around horror films, but for the most part, it's a friendly 4-hour conversation between 3 die-hard movie fans that enjoy sharing memories, insights, and reviews.  At the end of Part Two, we list our favorite films of 1987.  We hope you enjoy each the conversation, and yes, consider this our major malfunction!  Eventually, we snapped out of it. 

Jim's 20 Favorites

James Laczkowski