Episode 17: Tony Presley (Real Live Tigers)

RECORDED AS POP CULTURE CLUB:  Back in 2003 or so, I met a gentleman by the name of Tony Presley.  Since then, we've had a friendship that was built around a similar passion for songs and songwriting.  Being mutual fans of everything from Low to Super Famicom to The Innocence Mission certainly helps, but what I really want to stress is how much I have personally responded to the music he's written over the years under the moniker Real Live Tigers.  Sometimes a band, sometimes a solo road warrior, Real Live Tigers is a true inspiration, a sound that just about any DIY folk songwriter would embrace.  If you love sparse, still, haunting songs mainly built around a classical guitar often then reinvented for the stage, then give his music your attention.  Tony is a wonderful friend and I'm sure this conversation highlights his talent and enthusiasm for what he has built a niche in for over a decade.  He is a "lifer" as he says, when it comes to writing songs and hitting the road.  His most recent output is also among his best work.  Denatured was just released on vinyl, and if you like what you hear throughout this episode, please add it to your collection via the link below.  Thank you so much for listening and stay tuned for a familiar voice on the next episode, whom was mentioned in this discussion too!

Songs Featured:
"There Is A Light That Finds Us"
"Winter Blues No.1 (Spring Is Found!)"
"Yes, Still"
"No Regrets"
"On Our Way"
"If Was Someone You Could Love"
"What Fort Worth Is For"
"If Was Someone You Could Love" - Super Famicom
"That Was Another Country" - The Innocence Mission
"Bess And Harry Houdini"

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