Episode 15: Emily Eveland (Leif E Greenz, YLime)


Emily Eveland is a survivor, a gifted musician, and a terrific writer.  I have been a fan of her songs going all the back to when I played house shows in and around 2006-2008 as a part of the DIY folk scene.  Her energy on stage and courage as a lyricist were unmatched and infectious.  I wanted to catch up with her, share some of my favorite songs she's written, and let listeners in to her world as we discuss her incredible resilience and coping mechanisms over the years.  I couldn't have been happier to talk with Emily, and I'm positive you'll find a lot to enjoy throughout this revealing conversation.  I highly recommend checking out all of her records, but I am particularly a fan of Shut Up Brain and Runaway, which you can find at her Bandcamp page linked below.  We also discuss her journal-esque style of writing that is well worth reading over at her blog too!

00:00 - 07:30 - Introduction
07:31 - 44:22 - Interview with Emily Eveland
44:23 - 46:42 - Outro

Y Lime Songs Featured:
"(Sub)culture Shock"
"Leaving Isolation Station"

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