Episode 14: The Witch (w/Nat Almirall)

RECORDED AS POP CULTURE CLUB:  I decided to put together a quick 90-minute episode here just as a bonus treat, in which you can hear some snippets of other audio endeavors from the past, but after about a half hour, you'll get to hear both myself and guest Nat Almirall review the latest horror sensation THE WITCH.  It's chock-full of spoilers so best see the movie first before hearing our take on what it all means. 

00:00 - 06:47 - "Letter From An Occupant" - New Pornographers, Introduction
06:48 - 20:04 - 2 WGN Radio Experiences
20:05 - 26:11 - Interview Excerpt From The LizyT Radio Show In Canada
26:12 - 26:42 - The Witch Score
26:43 - 1:25:13 - The Witch Review (SPOILERS SPOILERS)
1:25:14 - 1:28:34 - Outro

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James Laczkowski