Episode 13: Karrie Hopper (The Room Outside)

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So I once opened for a musician that instantly became a favorite of mine. Her name is Karrie Hopper, and most recently, her and her sister formed a band called The Room Outside.  They went on two tours, got a lot of positive press, and rightfully so.  Their self-titled debut was my favorite record of that year.  A conversation about Karrie's songwriting process and influences has been long overdue, and I'm so happy to share it with you now. Please do buy her two records linked below and support everything she does.  At the end of the interview, I play a song that has recently become one of my favorite songs ever written.  I play it in its entirety in hopes that it'll motivate you to buy the entire record, preferably on vinyl if you have a record player.  Thank you so much for listening, and all my gratitude goes out to Karrie for inspiring me for nearly a decade now.

Songs Featured:
"Busy Mind" - The Room Outside
"Tuesday" - Karrie Hopper
"Hollow Log" - Beck
"Twilight Song" - Karrie Hopper
"Heaven" - The Room Outside
"The Middle Of Nowhere" - The Room Outside
"On Fire" - The Room Outside (my favorite)

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James Laczkowski