Episode 10: Johann Johannsson

RECORDED AS POP CULTURE CLUB:  It is with great pleasure to present to you another special edition of Pop Culture Club. I have another wonderful interview here with Icelandic composer and songwriter Jóhann Jóhannsson. He's put out several instrumental solo records over the years, much to the acclaim of publications such as Pitchfork. Recently, he's had tremendous success composing for such films as PRISONERS and the Academy Award nominated THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. He won a Golden Globe for the latter. Most recently, I was really taken with the incredibly percussive, heartpounding score for SICARIO. I encourage you to see this movie in a theater to get the full effect of Jóhann Jóhannsson's work.

Once again, I am fortunate enough to talk to someone that I now greatly look up to after binging on his discography. His last two film scores are true works of art that will not be leaving my collection. We get to hear three pieces he's done, the first being from SICARIO, the second being from THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, and the closing one is from PRISONERS. I think you'll really enjoy this conversation in which I try to learn about his process of course, but also, ask for advice as I'm about to compose a score for my first feature-length film too!

James Laczkowski